"Working with Rock Locations was amazing! The Market was very clean and everything was organized. I would highly recommend it!"

~Victor O., producer


"Rock Locations was awesome to work with. Quick to respond, made the booking process easy, and very accommodating. Office 2 was exactly as described and perfect for our shoot. Would recommend it!!"

~Hunter A., producer


"An amazing amazing experience at House 17. The homeowner and Rock Locations are professional, gracious and did everything they could to help us. Wonderful, friendly neighborhood and great location. 100% would book again."

~Will T., production manager

"The Yacht Club was such a stunning location! Perfect backdrop for our photo shoot. The team and I loved it. Rock Locations was absolutely wonderful to work with. A seamless and easy experience all around. We will certainly be back and would love to work with them again on future bookings."

~Tashon T., producer, Denimst


“I’m a big fan. I’ve been following you on IG and FB for sometime now.

I’m sure we’ll work together in the future.”

~Ira H., producer & location manager, Viacom

"This was the most amazing experience I've ever had with a location and a location rep! Rock Locations was remarkably attentive and helpful and went out of their way to make our shoot as smooth and pleasant as possible! The owners of the Classrooms were equally amazing; and this is the location to utilize when shooting a classroom scene in NYC! I can't recommend Rock Locations enough!"

~Michael W., director/producer

"I looked at your site and I will absolutely keep you in mind for my future productions. The unique house selection is really exceptional."

~Dorottya M., producer

“You’ve built a good market in The Rockaways!”

~Andrea R., owner/founder locations company

“The space and host were ideal! I booked without physically visiting the site and was pleasantly surprised to find the location, house, and rooms exceeding my expectations. Our shoot came out perfectly and our experience with Rock Locations was fantastic.

Will definitely book again through them.” 

~Gregory L., art director

“So glad you liked the show!  We thought your locations looked great!”

~Jen M., Producer, USA Network, House 17 & Backyard 3

"Thank you so much for your awesome locations and being amenable! The 2 houses turned out great and we'll be working together again down the road!"

~Jason H., producer, Honey Media 

"Thank you for bringing me on the locations marketing project! It was a really unique job and it was fun working with you, and the fact that they used my loft made it all well worthwhile! In this business when you're often working alone, it's fun to team up with another. Let's brainstorm and get some more bookings going!"

~Glenn S., NJ Studio owner

"Rock Locations is a pro team. They're quick, adaptable, and really kind. On our project, they were given short notice and came through with immediate logistical support.

Would absolutely work with them again."

~Robert T., Producer, Smog Cinema Group, Stables

"So glad I discovered your company, I will definitely keep in touch in the future not only for locations, but also production cars! You have a great selection!"

~Vito M., video editor

"We had a fantastic shoot! Very thankful to Rock Locations and their attention to detail. The shoot went off without a hitch! Would definitely work with this team in the future."

~Sally B., Visual Director, Esquire, House 18


"Very responsive and helpful. Exactly what we needed. We filmed a comedy sketch and the house worked perfectly. Large outdoor space makes this location extremely versatile."

~Marc L., Producer, Comedy Central, House 29

“Rock Locations was great to work with and the houses were even better than described. Would definitely book with them again. Thanks for all you did!”

~Susan E., Producer, TLC, House 14 & House 21

“We are very happy with how it turned out and the house was an important element in setting the tone. Thanks for being accommodating. Hopefully we get to work together again.”

~Neil S., Producer, People’s Television, House 24

"Thank you Rock Locations - we appreciate you helping us out on this UNICEF project!"

~Luigi R., Producer, LFR Productions Inc, House 29

“Rock Locations is incredible, and this space is out of a DREAM. They were so communicative, worked with our incredibly fast turn-around like a pro, and were extremely helpful throughout the entire process of shooting in this space. We are so eager to get the opportunity to work with Rock Locations again in the future. The home was perfect for what we needed: full of character, within driving distance of the city, and the owner was familiar with the process of filming/hosting shoots in the home. Could not recommend more. Plus owner baked us fresh bread. It was awesome!”

~Katie Q., Producer, Hulu, House 24

“Amazing location, seamless communication, and a true pleasure to work with Rock Locations on our shoot. Variety of indoor and outdoor spaces for production/prep/shooting, as well as very convenient (and quiet/off the beaten path) access to Rockaway Beach. Rock Locations was super helpful on all needs–look forward to shooting with them again.”

~Mary F., Producer, Refinery 29, Inn & Event Space

“The space is great for the older 90’s office vibe. Smaller crew is preferred here. The site manager for Rock Locations was great to work with and good with communication.”

~Elsa L., Producer, Hypebeast, Office 3

“Saw the podcast link on your newsletter… just listened to it now, VERY COOL. Such a great way for folks to get to know you and your business!”

~Nicole W., Homeowner, House 28

“Rock Locations was super helpful in ensuring we had everything we needed on time and in budget for our production. Very communicative and accommodating, and willing to help if you can’t find what you’re looking for.” 

~Matt K., Producer, Crypt TV, Truck 1

“Rock Locations was a pleasure to work with, very professional and approachable at the same time. The working relationship they created with me always ran smoothly and was extremely positive. I’m looking forward to working with them again in the future and I would highly recommend working with them to any filmmaker. The location is very unique and quaint, it was perfect for my short film. The owners were extremely welcoming and easy to work with as well, they helped our shoot run as smoothly as possible. It was all in all a very positive and productive experience!”

~Adrian L., Director/Producer, NYU Tisch, House 12

“I did a walk-through, they’re all gone and everything’s fine. They were all super sweet. They all loved being in Rockaway, including the clients from Boston.” 

~Susan P., Homeowner, House 23

“Great interview! I really enjoyed it!” 

~Glenn S., NJ Studio 3 owner, on a podcast

“Yes, we’ll definitely be working together in the future. Dream team. And yes, the house is great”  

~Amber J., Producer, Social Chain, House 2

“Rock Locations and the homeowner were a pleasure to work with and rent from. They were communicative, kind, accommodating, and the space was perfect for our video shoot. Will definitely be renting from them again!

~Aster G., Office Coordinator, People’s Television, House 24

“Glad it all worked out. I know you have it all under control!” 

~John C., Homeowner, House 24